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Conference Theme

Transforming Practices

The theme of the conference is “Transforming Practices”, which seeks to encourage practitioners to transform the world by transforming their practices and the practice architectures that shape them. It also offers practitioners the opportunity to contribute to contemporary practice theory.


One of the key aims of action research is to change our practices, understandings of our practices, and the conditions in which we practice. Transforming our practices means transforming what we do; transforming our understandings means transforming what we think and say; and transforming the conditions of practice means transforming the ways in which we relate to others and things, as well as the contexts we find ourselves within.


In particular, this theme is inspired by Stephen Kemmis’s (2022) work on the theory of practice architectures, which describes how practices are shaped by various semantic, social and physical factors.


Kemmis, S. (2022). Transforming Practices Changing the World with the Theory of Practice Architectures. Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-16-8973-4